Wödår | Why the Wödår brand is relaunching after two years

Managing director of hot water tap brand Wödår Michael Sammon on how improvements to its offer has seen a relaunch

04 Jul, 24

Managing director of  hot water and kitchen tap brand Wödår Michael Sammon on how recent improvements to its offer has seen a relaunch

Wödår | Why is the Wödår brand relaunching after two years

Q: How has business been since launching Wödår as a brand in 2022?

A: Our aggressive sales growth target for 2024 is on track to surpass it.

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Our sales have doubled year on year, and we aim to continue this trend in the coming years by setting a £5m sales target for 2026.

Q: So, why have you decided to relaunch Wödår, and why now?

A: We have spent much time on NPD and listening to customers’ thoughts and improvements to our previous range.

All our ranges are now exclusive to Wödår; quality, functionality, and packaging have all been improved.

We are using these improvements to re-launch into the commercial market and to attract more retail customers with our attractive trade discount structure.

Q: What has the relaunch included?

A: We are introducing six new hot tap ranges in seven different colour options.

Four more ranges are currently in our test lab and will be launched in late 2024.

Furthermore, we have added five premium 2-in-1 kitchen taps to our offering, along with matching sinks and hardware, which are also scheduled to be launched in late 2024.

Wödår | Why is the Wödår brand relaunching after two years 1

Q: Having refreshed the website with a trade portal – what are the features and benefits for kitchen retailers?

A: The portal will allow retailers to log in, view their trade pricing, and access CAD files for architects to specify the products.

It will also include other how-to guides and a rewards scheme later in the year.

Q: Who is your ideal kitchen retail partner?

A: Any that provide great service showcase the Wödår range on display and are willing to offer something extra for the consumer. 

Q: What is the size of your kitchen retail network, and are you looking for more showrooms?

A: We have just signed an agreement with a national retailer with stunning showrooms covering the entire UK.

Our products will now be available for purchase in their stores.

We constantly seek to expand our network and collaborate with the right partners.

Wödår | Why is the Wödår brand relaunching after two years 2

Q: What insight has encouraged you to offer a 70% discount to kitchen retailers?

A: Historically, kitchen brands have not offered large margin potential for retailers. Wödår aims to change this trend.

With rising energy and wage bills, poor supply chain management, and increased online competition, brick-and-mortar showrooms face more pressure than ever.

We believe that by offering margin opportunities ranging from 40% to 70%, retailers will have a better chance to compete in the market than competitors.

Q: What has been the most significant learning point from the launch of Wödår?

A: Managing your designs and supply chain and offering higher quality at competitive prices is crucial.

Q: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for the Wödår brand over the next two years?

A: We will seek to aggressively target the market by continuously innovating our product line, expanding our dealer network, and collaborating closely with architects nationwide.

The hot tap market is still growing. We believe that offering a lower price tag with improved quality compared to other brands in the market will propel our brand in the future.