Build up steam

MD of Steamist Dave Carr says steam showers add value to properties

25 Apr, 19

Managing director of Steamist Dave Carr says bathroom designers not only add value to a consumer’s lifestyle, with steam showers, but to their property value too

Build up steam

Replacing a bath with a shower might be property-value suicide (if it is the only bath in the home).

But getting rid of a dingy old shower enclosure and replacing it with a luxury steam version is adding up to 30% to the value of homes in America.

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And where the USA leads we, in the UK, will inevitably follow.

Research from Barclays’ Home Improvement Report, along with a poll of estate agents conducted by Movewithus, both agree en-suite bathrooms are one of the most sought-after amenities among buyers in the UK. They can net house sellers an extra 10% on their asking price.

While the famous property guru, Phil Spencer from Location, Location, Location, estimates a bathroom overhaul in the UK can add 2.88% to a home’s value, the Nationwide Building Society states  a new en-suite bathroom – or second bathroom – can add around 5%.

In his book, Adding Value to Your Home, Phil Spencer suggests: “You don’t need to do a lot with the room, it’s all about the features that you put in, such as a heated chrome towel rail, a big new shower head, a power shower, a luxury steam shower and a glass screen or glass door instead of a shower curtain.”  In other words, make the bathroom look luxurious.

Steaming ahead

With ever developing technology, being introduced by companies such as Steamist to enhance the steam bathing experience, creating a luxurious steam room or enclosure in the home is viable.

What’s more, steam therapy is proven to contribute positively to diverse aspects of good physical health, relaxing muscles, improving circulation and flexibility.

Meanwhile optional extras such as colour therapy, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity for listening to music, and aromatherapy have all been developed to enhance the mental well-being of the bather.

The experience can be further enhanced and made safe through the selection of a TotalSense Spa package – along with an in-shower digital control panel –  giving the option to personalise the settings for two users.

Luxurious showering

The old fashioned soak in the tub, with bubbles and a glass of wine surrounded by scented candles is here to stay.

On a practical level, they’re necessary for young families and apparently, women looking around a house always ask where the bath is.

But ask anyone when they last had one, and they are likely to tell you they tend to shower. So why not make the experience as luxurious as the traditional soak?

While we should hang on to a bath if we want to sell, it cannot be overlooked the all-in-one convenience of steam showers saves space.

Features such as steam generators, waterfall overhead shower heads and hydro-massage body sprays are built-in, as is the lighting and music speakers, making them ideal for the UK’s often dimensionally-challenged bathroom footprints.

Take a look at the latest trends in digital showering featuring music, light, scent and multi-jets.