Grow business with house developers

Commercial director of Ideal Bathrooms Danielle Lillis says house developers offer organic growth opportunities for independent retailers

03 Jan, 20

Commercial director of Ideal Bathrooms Danielle Lillis says house developers offer organic growth opportunities for independent retailers and can build a long-term dependable income stream

Grow business with house developers

The contract market is heavily dependent on the success of the construction industry and with England in the midst of a housing shortage, the opportunities to win contract work are growing.

The UK is already experiencing increasing numbers of small to medium-sized projects, which see developers building anything from four luxury properties to 40 houses on one site.

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New-build dwellings are in high demand and with housing developers’ minds shifting away from lower-priced products to quality and durability, there’s never been a better time for bathroom retailers to explore this relatively untapped market.

Think local

Regional and local developers account for 90% of UK housebuilders, offering unique opportunities for bathroom retailers.

Contracts for residential and low-level commercial projects offer a stable, dependable income stream for retailers, especially when showroom footfall is quiet.

Albeit a more competitive sector than in retail sales, longer-term projects provide continuous revenue throughout the length of the contract, enabling businesses to make strategic financial and business decisions.

By working and building strong relationships with reputable residential property builders, retailers have the opportunity to showcase their experience, specialist knowledge, product offering and high-quality service, which could lead to business referrals and future contracts.

In addition, projects are easy to scale up, providing further opportunities to increase sales.

It’s understandable retailers are not currently investing heavily in the contracts market as they feel it’s time-consuming and requires a degree of focus to search for opportunities.

It’s up to distributors, like us, and suppliers to help retailers enter this market so they can reap the benefits.

Discover contractors

It’s not as difficult as you might think to find contract work.

It’s essential for retailers to pay attention to upcoming building developments and to start conversations with contractors, discussing what services they can offer.

With hundreds of small housing developers in the UK seeking to differentiate their properties from national builders’ projects, many often look to specify high-quality bathrooms with a focus on design, which is where retailers can step in to help with their expert advice and variety of superior brands.

Talking to local installers and tradesmen and building strong, trusted relationships can often lead to information that can be followed up by retailers too.

Embracing contracts and the possibilities they offer makes perfect sense.

I certainly believe this is a market to invest in for bathroom retailers who are looking to grow their company and ultimately increase sales.


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