Happy New Year!

03 Jan, 17

So this is 2017….

Let me be among the first to wish you a very Happy New Year! But where did 2016 go? Bet your gift of an Amazon Echo can’t answer that one… “Alexa? Alexa?” Well, quite honestly we haven’t got time to pontificate anyway because 2017 is already out of the gate and halfway down the first furlong. Before you’ve even had time to digest the last of the turkey and trimmings, put the tinsel back in the loft, and empty the Quality Street tin, the kitchen and bathroom industry is reaching full pelt.

It’s New Year, New You…a time for change and rejuvenation, to help propel companies through the 12 months’ ahead. Whether the reinvigoration is inspired by an award win at the end of last year, a refocus on aims and objectives or a complete business rebirth, a New Year is time for fresh beginnings. And where better to gain ideas than from leading bathroom and kitchen exhibitions? We’re just days away from LivingKitchen in Cologne and mere weeks away from ISH in Frankfurt! These shows inspire, inform, and identify the trends set to influence the UK high street showroom for the next two years. For those of you who plan to attend and were given fitness trackers for presents this year – it has got to be a win-win! And we’ll be there too, checking calories, seeing if we’ve stood up enough times, not to mention actually reporting on the show.

But we all know 2017 isn’t going to be an easy ride. However, can you point out a 12-month period that has been? We’ve had the turmoil of Brexit, still have to experience the inauguration of Trump, and most would recognise times are going to be a little uncertain. Certainly that was the message of the Autumn Statement. And it could see consumers being a little more cautious in spending, possibly even reducing their bathroom and kitchen budgets. But, and it’s a big but, independent specialists are in a prime position to showcase value in their projects and help boost consumer confidence with their impeccable service.

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