Kitchen trends from Salone del Mobile

Co-founder of Hub Kitchens Daniele Brutto

06 Jun, 18

Daniele Brutto, co-founder of Hub Kitchens, offers his perspective on the year ahead in kitchen design, having seen what exhibitors were displaying in Milan.

Salone del Mobile sets the standard as the most prestigious furniture and design fair worldwide.

This year saw an evolution of design where personality was injected into all aspects of the home.

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Bold prints, patterns and all shades of soft, dusky pinks were seen in abundance at the show, complemented by a variety of botanicals which added further texture to the showrooms and stands.

We saw huge amounts of tactile materials and finishes this year, from powder-coated metals, corrugated glass panels and man-made materials which emulate natural stones.

The increase in textures and interest in the kitchen helped to create warmth in this year’s designs.

Hanging extractor fans with additional storage shelves for herbs or cookbooks, along with kitchen troughs, were another way that exhibitors added interest to the kitchen this year.

Previously, homeowners have moved away from handles in the kitchen, whereas over the next few years we will be seeing a revival, but with a difference.

Expect to see handles built into cabinetry materials, again adding to the subtle texture that was prevalent throughout the show.

Kitchen trends from Salone del Mobile 1

TM Italia demonstrates the trend for pink and textures