LAST WORD: Make displays work

07 May, 14

National retail sales manager at Zip UK Justin McDonald says working displays sell hot taps

The boiling water tap market is certainly a growing one, particularly as homeowners continue to look for appliances that can ‘multi-task’ in the kitchen; hence the boiling and chilled water tap has shot up the list of must-haves to incorporate into a kitchen scheme. For customers who want appliances that will simply ‘do more’, being able to get filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water from just one appliance is ideal not only for the more obvious making of drinks, but also proving equally of use when cooking. Speaking to consumers this is something which specifically attracts their attention. The boiling option means that there is no waiting for water to boil for pasta, stocks, soups and even sterilising equipment, bottles and jars. Having chilled still and sparkling water ‘on tap’ is also of benefit for creating light batters and soufflés, blanching food at speed or simply to crisp salad leaves. Careful consideration is going into the selection process and, when it comes to choosing appliances for the kitchen, working displays inevitably play an important role, able to show the whole package of function, energy and space saving benefits and how this seamlessly fits into a customer’s lifestyle.

First-hand experience

As with so many things in life, whilst boiling water taps may sound fantastic in theory, allowing customers to try one out for themselves can undoubtedly be a deal clincher – even for those who are perhaps only starting to considering a purchase. Making a cup of tea or sampling a chilled glass of sparkling water made in an instant is certainly worth a thousand words, and customers can see exactly where their money will be going. Yet many retailers may be missing opportunities which stem from not having working models installed in their showroom. There is no denying working models are an investment. Correct installation and a water and waste supply are needed if the product is to work at its best. For retailers looking to go that step further and capitalise on this market, it is certainly worth looking into the working display models and packages on offer from manufacturers, particularly as many have taken into account previous concerns. Addressing the fitting of an appliance, the dedicated Zip engineer team, for example, can install a working HydroTap as part of the display agreement.

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Safety first

Of course safety has to be a priority when dealing with boiling water and this may have caused some retailers to hesitate on opting for a working model. Zip has incorporated an isolation feature on the under-counter unit of the HydroTap range, so that the tap cannot be used when activated; allowing for sleek demonstrations whilst avoiding customers accidently activating a product unawares. In such a growing market, opting for a working display ensures retailers can be well-placed to capitalise all sale opportunities and, with solutions available for a variety of situations, it is certainly worth talking to manufacturers to see how this can work for your specific locations.

This article first appeared in the March issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News