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Kbb retailers should play their part in protecting the environment because it’s important for businesses and clients, says founder of TUKC Looeeze Grosmann

23 May, 22

Kbb retailers could and should play their part in protecting the environment because it’s becoming more important for businesses and clients, says founder of The Used Kitchen Company Looeeze Grosmann

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‘Doing our bit’ for the environment has never been so important, as it is right now.

There are National Awareness Days such as Global Recycling Day and World Refill Day throughout the year, reminding and encouraging us to think and act in the planet’s best interest.

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Plastic tax was introduced in April and it is becoming more obvious that consumers are keen to support sustainable businesses when choosing where to buy.

We are bound to see customers begin to steer away from products with non-sustainable offerings, and be keen to see what, in addition to the product, you as a retail business are offering.

What are ‘we’ doing?

As an industry, being sustainable has only touched the surface in terms of what ‘we’ can do.

Regardless of whether you think being green is a marketing tactic or not, making a conscious effort to reduce wastage is crucial.

Typically, a used kitchen can amount to 1-2 tonnes, and with people upgrading their kitchen, on average, every 7-10 years, this amounts to a huge amount of waste ending up in landfill.

Retailers need to ensure every customer coming through the door is made aware of what the kkb industry is doing collectively to stop materials going to landfill, like the 20,000 tonnes already saved by The Used Kitchen Company.

So, whether it’s in your marketing collateral or on your website, preferably both, make sure it’s well-known what commitments you’re making as a business.

The first step

If you’re new to this space, don’t let it scare you. There are a few immediate and simple things you can start with to show your business as a sustainable brand. Start with small things and build up.

It’s important to recycle absolutely everything that you possibly can. Reuse your packing materials and cardboard boxes, reduce paper transactions, and use eco-friendly products that are biodegradable and non-toxic.

And why not consider looking for companies that will help you, such as The Used Kitchen Company, where you can not only recycle used and ex-display kitchens but also make a profit while you’re doing it?

Being a step ahead in terms of protecting the environment can only be a positive so shop around regularly for new suppliers.

What are the latest eco-friendly kitchen and bathroom products for the home?

Encourage your staff to learn statistics surrounding the subject so they can answer customer queries in relation to what your business is doing and any future plans it has in the pipeline.

Utilising the perks of being more environmentally conscious will certainly open more doors, whether that’s through staff wanting to work for you, or customers seeking you out because of it.

So, let everyone know your business is environmentally friendly; donate to eco-charities, make a fuss of Awareness Days, shout about what you are doing to reduce waste. Anything you can do is a step in the right direction.