Waterline | Can flooring offer valuable add-on sales for KBB retail?

CEO of Waterline Michael Marriott looks at why retailers should consider selling flooring as part of a complete kitchen package

27 May, 24

CEO of KBB distributor Waterline Michael Marriott looks at why retailers should consider selling flooring as part of a complete kitchen package

Michael Marriott named Waterline CEO

When most people think about kitchen renovations, they often imagine new worktops, furniture, and appliances. But what about the flooring?

 It’s the foundation of the entire kitchen space, yet few consumers spare it much of a thought in the early part of the planning process and many kitchen retailers shy away from offering flooring solutions as part of their remit.

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At Waterline, we’ve seen first-hand how this can lead to project delays, customer dissatisfaction, and lost revenue opportunities for kitchen retailers.

Food for thought then, on why perhaps you should consider selling flooring as part of your kitchen offerings.

Keeping control of the project timeline

If you’re among the kitchen retailers who prefers to delegate flooring installation to external contractors who you know are skilled at what they do, you’ll also know that this leaves the project open to the risk of unexpected delays.

Flooring is typically the first job that needs be  completed before any furniture or appliances can be installed. So, if the fitter, or the flooring, isn’t available at the right time, everything gets held up.

By keeping flooring in-house, you maintain control over the project timeline, reducing the risk of setbacks and ensuring a smoother workflow.

You no longer must wait for another contractor’s schedule, minimising customer frustration and allowing for more efficient project management.

Meeting customer expectations

We’ve heard from our customers that end consumers frequently express their dissatisfaction with the flooring when it’s outsourced.

They love their new kitchen, but they might complain about the flooring quality or installation.

And because the flooring has such a large and very visible presence within the room, this creates a negative impression of the entire project.

By selling and installing flooring yourself, you have complete control over the quality and appearance of the product being installed, ensuring that it aligns with the high standards of the rest of the kitchen.

This control can turn a potentially weak point into a strong one, leaving customers with a cohesive and satisfying result.

Waterline | Can flooring offer valuable add-on sales for kitchen retail?

Increasing revenue and margins

Selling flooring as part of your kitchen offering isn’t just about improving project management and customer satisfaction though; it’s also a significant revenue opportunity.

By adding flooring to your product line, you can increase your sales and margins.

Your customers are already visiting to see kitchen designs; by displaying quality flooring alongside your kitchen setups, you can encourage them to consider a complete package.

Moreover, you already have the showroom space to showcase different types of flooring, so why not turn that into a selling point?

You need to cover the floor area of your showroom anyway, why not use it to demonstrate flooring options to your customers?

Additionally, having sample boards on hand can make it easy to guide customers through their choices.

Quality and durability

When you control the flooring process, you can ensure that only high-quality materials are used, contributing to the longevity and durability of your projects.

At Waterline, for example, we offer flooring solutions like Palio Express by Karndean, which are extremely hard-wearing and easy to fit with minimal tools.

This makes it easier for your kitchen fitters to handle the installation, eliminating the need for specialised external contractors.

This helps keep costs in line with the budget for the project and everything on track timewise.

Waterline | Can flooring offer valuable add-on sales for kitchen retail? 1

Simplifying ordering and delivery

Finally, one of the major benefits of selling flooring is the convenience of a single order and delivery. This not only saves you time but also reduces logistical headaches, allowing you to focus on delivering excellent service to your customers.

Isn’t it time to take control and make flooring an integral part of your kitchen retail business?