6 ways to solve bathroom storage

Managing director of 2020 Craig Rothwell offers six top tips on how to solve bathroom storage

09 May, 19

Managing director of 2020 Craig Rothwell offers six top tips on how to solve bathroom storage

Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house, so clever storage is always a welcome addition to a bathroom design. Here are six bathroom storage tips you can design using CAD.

1. On the shelf

If space is at a premium, you can add shelves to your design to utilise space that might otherwise be wasted.

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High level shelves can use space above sinks, baths and toilets for storing towels and toiletries.

If space isn’t any issue, and you want to create the sense of spa-like luxury to your bathroom design, use 2020 Fusion to add shelves along with room accessories such as candles, bottles of scented oils, plants etc for a realistic look. Read 6 ways to accessorise CAD Designs.

2.  Top drawer

How often have we all spent time searching around the back of a low level under sink cupboard looking for something?

It is so much easier to find things when they are in drawers.

Bathroom units with a selection of drawers are a convenient solution with a touch of luxury.

It’s important drawers pull out fully so the whole interior can be viewed.

Plus dividers allow for the contents to be organised neatly.

Drawers within drawers maximise storage capacity and minimise finger channels on the drawer fronts for a neat finish.

3. Focal point

The latest vanity units are being designed not just to support the basin and offer storage but also provide a focal point for the bathroom.

With 2020 Fusion, designers have access to a range of catalogues featuring the latest vanity units to suit all their bathroom design requirements.

4. Size it up

Whatever the size of the bathroom and the household there are storage solutions to fit.

Family-sized bathrooms require family-sized storage, whereas bathrooms for a single-bed house have more modest storage requirements.

Modular storage systems made up of different sized but co-ordinating pieces are a great way of creating the perfect solution whatever the size and household requirements.

They can be lined up or stacked and come in square and rectangular cubes which can be used either vertically or horizontally.

5. Hidden Assets

If the bathroom you are designing has stud walls to conceal cisterns and pipework, why not utilise this hidden space and turn it into storage?

A cabinet set into the space is a clever way to maximise every storage opportunity.

Pick a unit with a mirrored door and you can increase the light in the room and enhance the sense of space.

6. On the rack

A radiator that doubles up as a towel store, clothes and accessory hanger is a great way of adding more storage options to your bathroom design.

Plus they can make a design statement or create a focal point too.

Mirror radiators are another functional option for bathrooms. Among the more unusual radiator options are stone and glass — which are not only energy efficient, but also gives scope for decorative artwork.