Experiential showroom design: Make your business memorable

Co-director of Day True and design agency SkyRocket Tony Robson explains how experiential showroom design can make your business a must-visit and memorable

18 Oct, 23

Co-director of Day True and multidisciplinary design agency SkyRocket Tony Robson explains how experiential showroom design can make your business a must-visit and memorable

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Experiential showroom design is transforming the way businesses engage with customers, surpassing the traditional retail experience into a journey that seamlessly blends theatre, technology, and interaction.

A well-designed experiential showroom showcases products but also creates a memorable, experience that lingers in the minds of visitors.

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Experiential Showroom design should begin with a well-defined narrative that will guide visitors throughout the space.

The showroom should unfold like a story, with each section unveiling a new chapter.

This storytelling approach not only keeps visitors engaged but also establishes an emotional connection with the brand.

By integrating the brand’s history, values, and purpose into the design, to allow visitors to become part of the narrative and want to stay longer or return.

Hospitality start

First impressions are critical, therefore hospitality should play an important part in a how a successful experiential showroom should be designed.

It should start with how the visitor is greeted, to make them relax and feel welcome, to offering a choice of refreshments, or even a menu with a curated list of drinks and nibbles, akin to how you would invite someone into your home, which is ultimately what they are there to invest in.

Not only does this demonstrate your approach but will also show the attention to detail and customer service they can expect from the brand.

Equally, when the customer leaves the showroom, consider what message or information they can take with them to ensure a positive, lasting memory of their visit.

House of Rohl opens London showroom

SkyRocket designed the House of Rohl showroom at Chelsea Design Harbour, London

Appeal to senses

Experiential showrooms engaging multiple senses to amplify the impact and experience.

By combining visual references with tactile materials, the use of sound and scents can create subtle touches that elevate the overall experience.

The technique of blending all of these elements creates an environment that will immerses the audience engaging them into the world of the brand.

Physical engagement is also a powerful tool, people love to touch and feel, by having displays that work, connected appliances, plumbed-in showers, baths, or taps, will allow clients to experience in more depth and understand in more detail, creating more engagement.

Interactive technology is an essential element to incorporate into modern showroom design.

Touchscreens, augmented reality, virtual reality, and smart devices all can provide visitors with hands-on engagement and a deeper understanding of products and spaces.

These technologies enable customers to visualise how a kitchen or bathroom can fit into their lives and more importantly into their own home, allowing them to experience how moving around the space and to understand how they will use it, ultimately enhancing the decision-making process.

Adaptable and sustainable

A successful experiential showroom should be adaptable to changing trends and product lines.

Modular displays, movable fixtures, and flexible spaces allow businesses to update products and design elements without having to undergoing a complete renovation.

This agility will ensure that the showroom remains relevant and enticing, catering to evolving customer preferences.

Not to be forgotten, in today’s environmentally conscious landscape, incorporating sustainability into showroom design is not just a trend but a necessity.

Showrooms that embrace eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, re-use and responsible design principles not only resonate with environmentally conscious customers but also contribute positively to the brand’s image.

Make your showroom an experience

Proposed concept for a consumer space for Hansgrohe in London

Remember me

Leaving with something to remember you by, whether it’s an intriguing story, a memorable interaction, or a unique token of their visit.

This could be in the form of exclusive memberships, scents that mirror the aroma of the showroom, or interactive QR codes that offer extended digital content.

The purpose of these are to act as memory aid to the experience they received from your brand.

Good experiential showroom design transcends the conventional shopping experience, offering customers an immersive journey that engages their senses, emotions, and curiosity.

By blending storytelling, theatre, technology, personalisation, and sustainability, brands can create spaces that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

As the kitchen, bathroom and home retail landscape evolves, we believe embracing these principles is crucial for businesses aiming to forge strong connections with their customers and stand out in a competitive market.