Why design training is so important

Marketing director of CDUK Vicki Richmond explains why continual training development in design is so important to kitchen and bathroom professionals

17 May, 23

Marketing director of CDUK Vicki Richmond explains why continual training in design is so important to kitchen and bathroom professionals

Why design training is so important

How many times have you come across a poor-quality kitchen or bathroom installation on a site measurement visit?

At CD UK, we spend years researching the market for the best and most innovative products to help retailers deliver outstanding kitchen and bathroom solutions.

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And we know that – when carefully looked after – our products can stand the test of time if they are they are designed, fabricated and installed to a high standard.

Helping designers

Kitchen and bathroom designers must go on a journey to understand how to source the best products and materials, helping them unlock their full potential – and this is only possible with training.

Training designers and fabricators is key, so they have all the tools needed to design effectively with our solutions and bring them to life.

This ensures a smooth and pleasant design process and, ultimately, delivers outstanding projects that will stand the test of time and reduce the amount of waste the kitchen and bathroom industry produces every year.

Tailored courses

For designers, specifying surface materials for a kitchen or a bathroom can be daunting.

The market offers infinite options, so it means they often limiting their choice to what they know.

Tailored training courses are an effective way to help designers learn and understand materials, their unique benefits, and how to pick and apply the right ones to unlock their full design potential.

By training designers, we effectively work with them to push the boundaries of materiality to bring to life virtually all of their creative ideas, delivering unique designs that stand out for beauty, quality and innovation.

Suppliers should offer courses at all levels, from the basics of working with and getting to know the products, through to advanced and tailored workshops to fill skill gaps and help take the work of your trusted customers to the next level.

At CDUK, we then take it a step further by advising designers on which products can complement their designs both aesthetically and functionally.

These could be sinks and taps or surfaces – what matters is that the final design is bulletproof.

Installers are important

Fabricators and fitters are responsible for delivering the final product and we effectively consider them as an extension of our teams.

By creating a circle of trusted partners, who we can train to work confidently with our products at the highest standard, we will ensure that there will be fewer bad quality installations out there and that the end-users will truly enjoy the benefits of our products.


CDUK is an exclusive distributor of Corian Solid Surface in the UK and Ireland and most recently has partnered with The Good Plastic Company to offer Polygood made from 100% recycled plastic.