How to make your business sustainable

Content producer and researcher of sustainable topics at 6XD Media Jessica Pierce explains what KBB owners should consider on their journey to net zero carbon.

15 Nov, 22

Content producer and researcher on sustainable topics at 6XD Media Jessica Pierce says what KBB owners should consider on their journey to net zero carbon.

How to make your business sustainable

Encouraging sustainability in your business and marketing yourself as an eco-friendly company can go a long way toward attracting customers and employees, as well as simply being good for the planet.

Research by Nielsen IQ  shows more than 50% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product or service if the company promotes social responsibility and sustainability.

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Additionally, in terms of retaining and attracting new employees, the data is very promising.

A recent study in the U.S. shows that 64% of young people won’t take a job from a company that doesn’t have a solid social responsibility policy.

Also, 83% of young people will be more devoted to a company that helps them participate in social and environmental issues.

In simple terms, there has never been a better time to advertise your company as a sustainable business. Here, we look at some of the things you can do to make your business more attractive.

Reduce energy

It’s essential to be aware of the energy you are using in your buildings, in order to identify areas where change is required.

Use a smart meter to monitor your business’ energy consumption and acquire an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for your premises.

This will provide a more detailed assessment of your energy consumption and areas you need to improve.

Change can be as simple as utilising natural light, if your building has lots of windows, or replacing older bulbs with more energy-efficient alternatives such as LEDs.

Switching to renewable energy is another simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

By showing your efforts to impact the environment positively, you give the customers the incentive to support your business and mission.

Lower carbon

When you are marketing your company as a sustainable business, the most critical metrics are the ones that address the most pressing issues in your specific industry.

For example, you could make sure to reduce your waste materials when you fit a bathroom, or choose a supplier which offsets your carbon footprint to do something about the emissions that you can’t get rid of.

Reducing carbon emissions is more impactful because it’s the same reason why consumers choose renewable energy over traditional utilities.

You can also support charities that align with your eco-friendly goals and donate a percentage of your gross profit to their partners working to improve the state of the planet.

Choosing a cause that aligns with your company’s beliefs can appeal to consumers who may feel passionate about the exact cause.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is one of the ways your business can become more sustainable and attract consumers.

Since the UK Government called on companies to use eco-friendly packaging, consumers have been at the forefront to ensure they buy fewer products with excessive packaging, especially single-use plastic.

There are various options businesses can use to package their products. Some of them include:

  • Biodegradable packing peanuts
  • Corn-starch packaging
  • Recycled paper and packaging
  • Organic fabrics

Ensure to use the smallest amount of packaging possible, whilst still keeping products safe.

Reducing the amount of packaging used is one of the first steps toward having a more sustainable business.

Environmental and social awareness is rapidly rising, especially with the passionate younger generation keener on addressing the most significant issues affecting the world.

Embracing sustainability will set your business apart from competitors and attract consumers. It’s a win-win!

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