JOB SEARCH | Cracking the CV code

Peter Jones, founder and managing director of Foyne Jones, a specialist recruitment agency for kbb, merchant and construction sales, looks at how you can crack the code of creating a perfect CV

08 Apr, 21

As part of a series of features to help you in your job search, Peter Jones, founder and managing director of Foyne Jones, a specialist recruitment agency for kbb, merchant and construction sales, looks at creating CVs

Friends and family often encourage you to ‘dust off the CV’ when looking for new opportunities, but how do we do this in “the new normal”?

Finding a new position as well as the world of recruitment, has changed beyond recognition and the global pandemic has without question, impacted how we approach even the most obvious of tasks.

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It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and start to second-guess yourself: even before considering your next steps.

Evolution of CV

In my opinion, and speaking candidly, I believe too much importance is placed on the CV as by and large, they are not the reason for your job success.

I do however realise they are somewhat of a necessary evil. So, if you can get the basics right by creating an eye-catching first impression, then your CV can be a pathway to employment and in some cases, the ‘course of your life’.

That ‘course of life’ which we call a Curriculum Vitae began when a young man called Leonardo Da Vinci came to Milan in search of work in 1482, at the ripe old age of 30.

This enterprising chap who, I think, would have been right at home in the modern enterprising world of the KBB sector, paid for a letter writer to create a 10-point list outlining his skills and abilities to the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza. This led to the world’s first professional CV being born!

The start of a great working relationship, the Duke put Da Vinci to work right away designing weapons, buildings and machinery, alongside some events management, painting and sculpting.

By investing in just one letter, taking his time, using his imagination and doing something different to show-off his skills led to Da Vinci’s explosive talents and inventions being shared around the world.

CVs continue to evolve with technology, as every generation discovers new ways to connect.

From the first telephone call in 1876, to the internet and new frontiers of LinkedIn and Zoom, it is fair to say digital technology has evolved to the point that putting together a video CV is fast becoming the new norm for many sectors.

As the lines between work and leisure continue to blur where it feels like no one wears a suit anymore, it has never been more important to remember what a CV is actually for and what to do with yours.


JOB SEARCH | Cracking the CV code

Introduction to you

First and foremost, a CV can help you get in the door for a meaningful conversation. Use it as your starting point and make sure it is a direct replication of your online social media profiles.

Every employer and line manager will check you out on and offline – it will happen, so expect it and deal with it now.

Whatever job you have in your sights remember that essentially you are going to be solving a problem for your future employer.

In my experience, most problems usually boil down to time and money. So, if you can demonstrate past successes in your career which have helped your employer to save time or money, or make money or all of the above, you’re onto a winner.

Long story short, make it ALL ABOUT YOU. BE BOLD, BE BRAVE and SHOW OFF A LITTLE!

Think about the benefits you can bring based on past experience, which can help your next employer to solve a problem.

If that company has sought out a recruitment agency, then you can be confident that the right person isn’t already known to them.

Take the pressure off yourself and instead, look at how you are a problem-solver, keen to share your expertise who is ready and willing to progress with the right company.

It really is as simple as that.

It worked for Leonardo Da Vinci in 1482, and with a little luck and lots of hard work you too can crack the dark arts and mystical world of the modern CV.

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