Five ways videos help business

Folake Bee of Beeline Films

07 Feb, 18

Folake Bee from shares five ways marketing videos can contribute towards business growth

Increasingly, companies are recognising the role videos can play in building a successful brand. Below are five ways you can use video marketing to grow your business as part of your digital strategy.

1. Get noticed

Brands within the kitchen and bathroom sector can really capitalise on using video as a tool to stand out and become more visible to customers. This is mainly because, within this sector, you can create videos that online viewers would love to share.

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Over the years we have filmed well-known brands and personalities from William Curley (Chocolatier) and Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar), to boutique restaurants like Saf – London, who have all used beautiful kitchen settings to create video content that represents a lifestyle viewers can relate to or aspire to have.

2. Reach target audience

Platforms such as Facebook (2 billion active monthly users) are particularly on the rise as brands take advantage of the huge community they offer.

To illustrate, here are the number of monthly active users on some other top platforms: YouTube (1.5 billion), Instagram (700 million), Twitter (328 million) and Snapchat (255 million). Source: TechCrunch.

These platforms provide the opportunity to target your message to carefully selected profiles who are your ideal customers.

Publishing a series of short videos can increase and engage followers; helping to establish your brand and keeping them informed of new products as they are released.

3. Drive traffic

Your videos should be used to drive traffic to your website/products.

YouTube videos are known to help increase Google search engine rankings for particular products.

Use short videos on social media to get people to watch longer videos, such as demonstration videos, on your site or on video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Ikea is quite good with this. In fact, some of their videos (like the “Living Together” advert) have topped the charts as the most viewed adverts on platforms such as YouTube, driving huge traffic to their storage facilities campaign.

4. Increase conversions

The fact YouTube is now the second largest search engine, means people are now looking for answers to their questions in the form of videos.

Create video content based on your FAQs to create valuable content that would convert into sales.

Examples could include landing page videos to capture the attention of visitors, whilst videos on product/services pages illustrate key benefits and provide a tangible feel to your product specification.

5. Self-promote

Enabling comments, sharing and ‘likes’ helps to spread the word whilst letting you see what appeals to viewers.

This allows you to create and encourage your followers to be promoters of your brand. Every time someone comments on your video, this goes to their network as well, making this a powerful strategy.

5 Ways videos help business 2

Pictured – Folake Bee