Acquabella: Product tells a story

14 Mar, 18

Export area manager of Acquabella Roberto Heredia Ventura said its products and stand design tell a story

Q: You won the Best Bathroom Stand at kbbBirmingham, so can you tell us about its design?

A: Our product is telling a story. What we tried to do with our stand is focus on telling that story. It is like an architecture studio. We want customers to feel comfortable. Like in a museum, we can explain which product is in the portfolio and the reason why.

Q: What has the reaction been like?

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A: The reaction has been fantastic and not because of the award. The important thing is we give special treatment to our customers because we feel the passion of the Spanish people. But the product is speaking, as we work with textures and colours. People are feeling like they are arriving into a new world.

Q: What is new for the show?

A: Our brand new collection of customisable shower trays is called Focus. It’s an amazing collection because it allows us to create a new combination. There is the possibility of having a new metal ring of copper or chrome inside the tray [at the site of the drain]. It’s not all about the textures. It’s not all about the colours. We have more than 2000 colours in the portfolio. The new Focus Collection is now our best seller.

Q: How does kbbBirmingham 2018 compare to previous shows?

A: Acquabella learned, from the very first time we arrived here, the mentality of the British market and how to achieve not only good numbers but to promote the brand. People are starting to know Acquabella more and more.