BSH reports dip in sales but “record” R&D investments

Home appliance group BSH Hausgeräte GmbH reported global turnover of €14.8bn in 2023, a dip of 7% compared with the previous year.

11 Apr, 24

Home appliance group BSH Hausgeräte GmbH reported global turnover of €14.8bn in 2023, a dip of 7% compared with the previous year.

BSH reports dip in sales but record investments

BSH management board


It cited a challenging year of geopolitical crises, high inflation, interest rate hikes and a decline in house moves, as resulting in stagnation for the global home appliance market.

North America, Greater China and Europe regions all saw a drop in turnover by 11.3%, 10.5% and 6.3%, respectively.

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In its Emerging Markets including Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, turnover was down slightly by 2.2% but BSH reported an increase in turnover in southern Europe.

Built-in cooking appliances were most affected, including cooling and dishcare, but laundry and Customer Care had positive results.

Small home appliances sales were also down 7.2%, caused by flooding impacting production at its Slovenian factory in Nazarje,  but it stated deliveries have been fully restored.

However, BSH launched premium built-in oven range with AI and integrated camera from Siemens, its invisible Essential cooktop for its luxury Gaggenau brand and won Best Kitchen Machine for its Bosch Cookit from Stiftung Warentest in 2023.

“With a record total of around €850m, we are investing more in research and development than ever before, thus laying the foundation for achieving our ambitious growth targets as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home appliances,” said chief financial officer Gerhard Dambach.

Matthias Metz said the company was pursuing a strategic roadmap to grow in all BSH regions and expand its presence in local markets:“In addition to developing market-specific product innovations, we have, for example, invested in a new service and logistics centre in Turkey and a new oven factory in Egypt for the African market.

“At our new factory in Mexico, the first cooling appliances for the North American market will roll off the production line from the middle of the year.

“At our experience and design centres in various North American cities, we give consumers the opportunity to get a broad idea of our brands and products and we actively support our customers and partners, such as property developers, designers, and architects.

“Another example is a comprehensive concept for successfully marketing our builder business in other regions of the world.”

BSH has also invested in sustainability with over €10million spent on more than 270 energy efficiency measures, saving around 35 gigawatt hours of energy in production.

It started manufactured dishwashers using stainless steel with a 47% lower carbon footprint than conventional stainless steel, from September 2023, and extended the availability of spare parts up to 15 years for large appliances and up to 10 years for small appliances.,

Even though the past year was challenging, BSH is optimistic about the future. “Our company has been successful for over 55 years and is in a robust position in the current economic environment – with a clear roadmap for the future, outstanding brands, convincing innovations, and a strong team,” emphasised Matthias Metz.

He concluded: “We again want to take an active part in shaping the market in 2024, inspire consumers, and lead our customers to success in order to achieve profitable growth in all regions.”