BMA: UK ahead of new EU toilet laws

31 Oct, 13

EU law changes hold no fear for UK or Water Label, says BMA

Changes in EU ruling to standardise WC flush volumes, as part of the European Commission voluntary EcoLabel, hold no fear for the European Water Label, stated the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA).

The EU seeks a maximum full flush of six litres and a ceiling for the reduced flush of three litres on dual flush WCs. However, the majority of the UK-only WCs listed on the European Water Label flush on less than six litres.

Chief Executive of the BMA, Yvonne Orgill explained the UK was leading the rest of Europe: “We already have a set standard as part of the mandatory Water Regulations of no more than a 6-litre flush in the UK. Plus, there also is best practice in the industry, which is WC flushing at 4 litres.”

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She continued: “When you have 28 countries, all with different flushing volumes, there has to be common starting platform, which the Commission has agreed is 6 litres.”

Orgill did moot her disappointment, from a UK perspective, at the EU ignoring British calls for the reduced flush to be set at four litres. But she added this was a first step by the Commission and stated it considered revisions to EU rulings every three years.

She lambasted any suggestion the Ecolabel could overtake the European Water Label, pointing out: “It’s voluntary. It’s not a standard and not all countries think Ecolabel is the way forward. Ecolabel is only for the top 10% of products, in terms of flushing volumes.” The European Water Label, also voluntary, seeks to keep choice, but educated on how much water is being used.

The full story appears in the December issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News.