Bosch spends 2million GBP on TV ads

03 Apr, 17

Educating consumers on correct dosing for washing machines

Appliance manufacturer Bosch has spent £2million on a TV advertising and digital campaign, promoting its i-Dos washing machine, which will run until July.

It focuses on educating consumers on the important of using the correct detergent dose for the load.

The i-Dos washing machine uses sensor technology to detect the fabric type, load volume and degree of soiling and adjusts the detergent, water and temperature accordingly.

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According to Bosch by reducing additional wash and rinse cycles, it not only takes less time to complete washing the load but also saves up to 7,062 litre of water using i-Dos.

Group marketing manager for Bosch Charlotte Moran commented: “With new i-Dos models being added to our Serie 6 range this year, we really want to educate consumers on the importance of correct dosing not only for garments but also in saving customer energy, time and money.”