BSH Super Energy efficient sales up 35%

06 Aug, 14

Group achieves target for sales set for 2015

BSH has boosted its sales ofsuper-efficient home appliances by 15% compared with the previous year, according to its 22nd Sustainability Report. It means the company has already achieved its target for sales in 2015. 

The company’s Super Efficiency Portfolio, which only includes those products that have the best energy efficiency according to EU energy consumption labelling, sold 4.6 million units in 2013, corresponding to 35% of total sales. 

Since 2012, BSH has been a member of the Climate Protection Company initiative, a voluntary network of 23 companies across Germany committed to climate protection and achieving energy efficiency targets. 

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The Group project ‘Resource Efficiency 2015’ aims to reduce specific energy consumption/water usage at production and administrative sites by 25% compared with 2010. The volume of waste is due to be reduced by 10% over the same period. 

Despite an increase in production volumes, total energy consumption at BSH fell by 2.2%, water usage by 1.6% and total waste volume by 1.8%. 

In its 22nd Sustainability Report, BSH reported : “Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy and describes our path to success… Our goal is to be a pioneer and a benchmark in the sector. Targeted sustainability management is needed in view of BSH’s growth, our increasingly international operations and the associated complexity… We made good progress towards achieving our sustainability targets in 2013. Our success in the market underlines this: Sales of our portfolio of super-efficient appliances rose by 15% to 4.6 million units compared with the previous year.”

BSH has also reported global sales of 10.5bn, up 7.2%, with the UK up 11%.