Burbidge launches into bathrooms

01 Jun, 15

Kitchen furniture manufacturer launches The Bathroom Furniture Co

Kitchen furniture manufacturer Burbidge has launched The Bathroom Furniture Co, offering freestanding and modular designs.

It signals a further expansion of the company’s brands, which also includes The Kitchen Furniture Company sold through showrooms and online.

Burbidge has already signed up 50 displaying retailers to sell products from The bathroom Furniture Co.

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Commenting on the launch, managing director of The Bathroom Furniture Co by Burbidge, Ben Burbidge commented: “Although we may not be necessarily known for bathrooms, we have, in fact been successfully supplying some of the UK’s leading bathroom brands with a range of decorative components for a number of years.

“The reality, after all, is that generally bathroom trends follow in quick pursuit of kitchen design fashion and both are dominated by the demand for luxury, premium design – something we excel in. This, we see this as a strategic move; we have never been a business to rest on our laurels and are fully committed to push on with our growth plans and use the well-honed capabilities we have in place to offer something new and forward-thinking to the bathroom market.”

Burbidge has appointed Mark Bailey as head of the bathroom division, who has around 20 years’ experience of the industry.

In addition, as part of the move, the company has invested £300,000 in machinery for bathroom production, as well as creating showroom space for the ranges.

Burbidge added: “As a business, we have never done anything by halves and pride ourselves on providing the best of the best. Testament to this, we have placed significant investment and resource over the past few months in order to ensure we have a truly compelling, one-of-a-kind bathroom offer…Our focus over the next 12 months will be to build our network of specialist bathroom retailers and grow market share.”