Caesarstone holds prices for 2019

Price promotions also offered on two worktops

07 Jan, 19

For the second consecutive year, quartz worktop manufacturer Caesarstone is holding its prices for 2019.

In addition, it is launching price promotions on its White Attica and award-winning Excava worktops.

Caesarstone holds prices for 2019

White Attica worktop available at price group 3

Attica and Excava which are both in price group 4 will be available at price group 3 until June 30, 2019.

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Caesarstone UK managing director Amir Reske said: “Despite the uncertainly surrounding Brexit and the weakening of the Pound, we have not followed in the footsteps of others by taking advantage of the current economic climate to increase prices.

“Our UK business is growing at a phenomenal rate, driven by exceptional products, sold at competitive prices and backed by peerless service.

“This demonstrates our continued, long-term commitment to the UK market and our partners operating within it.”

Amir Reske concluded: “Ultimately, we are not interested in a race to the bottom, in competing with low-cost products of vague provenance and sold with little or no aftercare.

“This is not the hallmark of a credible business nor the foundation of long-term growth.

“Caesarstone is and will always be a premium brand, offering high-end products and superior service, delivering genuine value for money while catering for all budgets.”