Callerton revamps dealer training programme

As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, British kitchen manufacturer Callerton unveiled revamped Dealer Training.

07 Jul, 23

As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, British kitchen manufacturer Callerton has unveiled a  revamped programme of dealer training.

Callerton revamps Dealer Training Programme

Created by customer experience manager Tom Wood, who has over 40 years’ expertise, the training modules have been devised to create a “dynamic” learning journey to improve proficiency and deliver tangible business results.

Commenting on the programme, Tom Wood stated: “Knowledge is Power. Grasping the tools and knowing how to deploy them are two sides of the same coin, and this understanding only comes to life through active and ongoing education.”The programme contains 12 modules, including insights into the kitchen specialist retail operation, understanding the Callerton Kitchens product portfolio, surveying techniques, design specifications, project management and installation.

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It is delivered through a combination online and offline activities, including sessions at the company’s purpose-built training suite, and has been built around a timescale to suit workloads and skill levels.In addition, Callerton also offers induction sessions, led by sales and technical Manager Paul Doy.

These sessions are created to equip design technicians and senior sales designers new to Callerton with an understanding of the company’s product line-up.

Further supporting the retailer, Callerton encourages its dealers to participate in Winner training.

It has created a Digital Designer Guide with videos that link the product to designing in Winner Flex and has curated a database of projects to help inspire, guide, and offer ready-to-use resources for retailers.