Candy unveils new look brand at EuroCucina

Home appliance brand Candy has used the occasion of EuroCucina – FTK – Technology for the Kitchen to reveal a new identity, logo and connected products.

16 Apr, 24

Home appliance brand Candy has used the occasion of EuroCucina – FTK – Technology for the Kitchen to reveal a new identity, logo and connected products.

Candy rebrands at EuroCucina 1


Established in 1945 with the launch of its first washing machine, Candy has evolved to include cooking, cooling, as well as laundry, across freestanding and built-in models.

As part of the Hoover Candy Group, it was acquired by the Haier Group in 2019 and is a sister brand of Haier, Hoover and Fisher & Paykel.

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Senior vice president of Haier Group, chairman and president of Haier Smart Home Li Huagang said the brand revision was an example of empowerment using global resources.

“In the last year, the Chinese and European teams worked closely together to fully investigate user needs and pain points and jointly participate in rebranding and product development, which resulted in the rebirth of the Candy brand”, commented Li Huagang.

The Candy brand has been refreshed around its brand values of Italian style, accessible high quality and smart interaction, to create a new identity and aesthetic.

Candy rebrands at EuroCucina 2

CEO of Haier Europe Neil Tunstall explained: “Candy is about smart interaction, also like Haier.

“The great benefits we’ve learned in our global technology in Haier, across the world, are moving towards Candy, so we can provide a richer experience for our consumer.

“Haier as a company is passionate about quality. So this range will be the highest quality Candy range we’ve ever produced in all of those 80 years.

“And it’s absolutely an Italian brand, but it’s a European and global brand. The attention to detail, the style that is synonymous with Italian design, is at the heart of Candy.”

The rebrand has has seen the historic blue logo changed to a timeless grey and styled to communicate the design principles of its renewed product line: Elegant, Effective, Neat and Gratifying.

Under its motif “ready to live”, Candy reported its appliances have been created to simplify people’s everyday challenges.

As part of this, Candy revealed new launches across “Ready to cook”, “Ready to wash” and “Ready to cool” areas on its stand at EuroCucina.

The “Ready to cook” area included the launch of Candy Black, Candy Full Inox, and Candy Stainless Steel Collection with energy class A++ and four cooking levels, combi microwaves, connected hobs and induction hobs with integrated hoods.

The “Ready to wash” area highlighted new Candy built-in dishwashers and washing machines, such as its built-in Rapido’ solution in class A with Maxi Tub,  with an 11% greater internal space, compared to standard appliance footprint, and 35-minute washing and drying program.

Candy also presented a connected built-in washing machine in A-20% class, with functions activated from the app hOn, such as Exclusive washing Lens to recognise wash symbols and Smart AI which sets the most efficient cycle according to the laundry program and load.

In the  “Ready to cool” area, Candy presented its new range of Fresco built-in refrigerators.

The refrigeration included Circle Fresh technology for uniform air circulation; Adaptive Humidity Area, a dedicated drawer with optimal humidity for fruit and vegetables; plus Panorama Light for enhanced visibility in the refrigerator.

In addition to this, all new Candy refrigerators are equipped with the Candy Smart Pack linked to hOn App, providing services such as auto-adjustment of fridge temperature based on needs and a warning message when a power-off occurs.

Completing the stand, Haier Group showcased “Ready to connect,” to highlight the potential of its hOn app, with an IoT Wall, showcasing how connectivity can save the environment, maintain an appliance and offer personalisation through programs.