Caple moves service in-house

03 Feb, 14

Appliance supplier Caple moves customer service in-house

Appliance supplier Caple has moved its customer service department in-house, to have greater control of service to its customers and the end user. The project has taken up to four years to come to fruition and includes a bespoke customer service system, which has now gone live.

This move has been led by customer service manager Richard Wood, who has worked for Caple for 30 years and now been promoted to service director.

Jason Patterson, who has worked alongside Wood on this project, has been appointed as customer service manager and will oversee the running of the department.

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In addition, Wood is expanded the team of people to support the servicing arrangements required with the growth of the Caple brand.

Wood said: “I am delighted that my 30 years of service with the company has been recognised, especially the development of the Caple service department. Calls now come directly to us and are handled by our administration team.

“Engineers can order parts as soon as they received their job notificiation and have them delivered in 24 hours. We now have much closer working relationships with our engineers and this is proving to be positive when resolving any issues in the field.”