CDUK partners with The Good Plastic Company

Supplier of solid surface materials, CD UK has announced a partnership with surface manufacturer The Good Plastic Company.

05 May, 23

Supplier of solid surface materials, including Corian, PaperStone and M|R Walls, CDUK has announced a partnership with surface manufacturer The Good Plastic Company.

CD UK partners with The Good Plastic Company

As part of the partnership, CDUK now offers Polygood, The Good Plastic Company’s sustainable surface material made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic.

Produced from a wide range of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste sources, such as refrigerators to single-use cutlery, electronics and industrial consumables, the material can be used to create environmentally conscious furniture, as well as interior or exterior design elements.

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Polygood is available in two ranges of colours the Core Range and the Bespoke Selection, each with 12 choices.

The Core Range is a collection of naturalistic and modern patterns, while the Bespoke Selection includes bolder patterns, some of which are transparent or translucent and can be backlit.

The Good Plastic Company was founded in 2018 to contribute to solving the problem of the 400 million tonnes of plastic waste generated annually, with the aim to substitute virgin plastic and other non-sustainable materials, making recycled plastic a new norm in design and architecture.

Polygood panels are manufactured using responsibly sourced waste from a single type of plastic (PS – Polystyrene) to ensure circularity, quality and durability.

The material is waterproof and hygienic, can be used for internal and exterior applications and vertical and horizontal applications, including furniture, bathroom surfaces, showering environments and washrooms.

It can also be thermoformed to create curves, and CNC routed to add texture and design features.

With a Cradle-to-cradle certification pending, Polygood will help to achieve project credentials such as BREEAM and WELL.

Boasting the capacity to produce more than 50,000m2 of recycled plastic panels in two factories in the Netherlands and Ukraine, annually, the partnership can provide architects and designers with a sustainable material for large-scale projects in the commercial, office, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.

Managing director at CDUK Andy Noble commented: “This partnership marks another important step in our company’s journey, as it further demonstrates our commitment to providing architects, designers and fabricators with the best and most innovative materials on the market to deliver outstanding projects.

“Over the years, we have built a reputation as a trusted partner in the design process by offering our 40-year knowledge and some of the most durable and innovative surface materials on the market.

“As the industry moves into the next phase of sustainable design, we are proud to be the sole distributor of Polygood in the UK and Ireland to actively contribute to reducing waste and achieving net-zero targets.”

William Chizhovsky, founder and CEO of The Good Plastic Company, added: “We’re thrilled to start this partnership with CDUK. With 43 years of experience and a strong reputation to leverage, CDUK is a perfect match for our high-quality and capacity manufacturing and our diverse range of patterns.

“Together, we’ll continue to evolve the Polygood range to meet UK and Ireland customers’ needs in a key and fast-growing market for sustainable surface materials.

“We look forward to reaching more customers who share our vision of a sustainable future, and to making further steps towards achieving a circular economy.”