Clerkenwell Design Week unveils installations for 2024

Clerkenwell Design Week is set to return to London with a series of site-specific installations, along with collaborations, from May 21-23, 2024.

14 Mar, 24

Now in its 13th edition, Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) is set to return to London with a series of site-specific installations, along with special projects and collaborations, from May 21-23, 2024.

CDW unveils installations for 2024

These will feature across the EC1 postcode, renowned for its proliferation of design and architectural practices and form part of the festival with over 600 curated events, 160 partipating showrooms and 300 exhibiting brands.

According to the show organiser, the event will be bigger than ever, with new exhibition venues  and expanded exhibition spaces.

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CDW unveils installations for 2024 1

To coincide with its 10th anniversary, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio have breathed new life into a vintage helter-skelter.

Situated in Spa Fields, Stay Playful (When No One Feels Like Playing) draws inspiration from Cluroe’s early days working at a fairground in the Black Country Living Museum and Whitehead’s childhood fascination with kitsch ornaments from his grandmother’s home.


CDW unveils installations for 2024 2

In the atmospheric setting of House of Detention, London-based artist Ben Cullen Williams will provide the audio-visual installation, Grid System delving into the impact of the simple grid on our physical spaces, lives and day-to-day existence.

Having previously collaborated with the likes of Marina Abramović, Wayne McGregor and polar explorer Robert Swan, Williams has showcased his works in international galleries and spaces including the Musée d’arts de Nantes, Sadler’s Wells and The Bolshoi Theatre.

CDW unveils installations for 2024 3

British stone suppliers Albion Stone and Hutton Stone have commissioned London-based architecture practice Artefact to design an installation on Clerkenwell Green, showcasing stone bricks which both companies are launching this year.

Brick from a Stone will illustrate the relatively simple and low-energy process a stone brick goes through to be produced via a colonnade of six columns, reaching heights of 3m at its tallest, constructed from stone bricks in two rows with a roof to provide shelter.

A drinking trough for dogs will also be built, mirroring an existing old stone slab on the site originally designed for cattle.

Also presented on Clerkenwell Green is Stone Tapestry: Beyond the Surface (right) by Stone Federation, which features materials from Albion Stone, Hutton Stone Britannicus Stone, Dunhouse Quarry and Tradstocks.

The federation has once again collaborated with architecture practice Squire and Partners to create an exhibit designed to demonstrate the sustainability, versatility and beauty of natural stone.

This year’s feature will be realised by The Stonemasonry Company Ltd and Webb Yates Engineers, utilising reclaimed stone pieces to showcase the diverse colours, textures and unique attributes of British stone.

CDW unveils installations for 2024 4

At British Collection, Benchmark has joined forces with a group of B.A. Product and Furniture Design students from London Metropolitan University.

Under the guidance of course leader Simon Hasan, Aldgate Gold champions a sustainable design ethos by challenging second and third-year students to reimagine discarded objects salvaged from the streets of London.

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