IFA 2013 review

13 Sep, 13

Highlights of home appliance show

Established in 1924 as the International Radiowave Exhibition, IFA is now a leading show for the consumer electronics industry. And for the past seven years, it has also been a venue for the latest home appliance launches by major global brands. It has become such a significant event, with more than 6,000 journalists from 70 countries attending.

Change in appliance design has been brought about by a change in consumer lifestyles with the kitchen needing to fulfil the contradictory demands of a place of work and an area to spend quality time. Time-poor and often single consumers, juggling their work/life balance, was the rationale behind faster appliance performance, along with an ageing population saw the show reflect communication between ‘man and machine’ made easier, with a focus on intuitive design and faster performance. And consumer habits are changing too, washing a greater variety of laundry less frequently, with laundry launches offering larger loads and specialised fabric care, being able to wash more quickly.

And with demands for more technology, in the home, it places greater demands on energy use and therefore showcased need for even more energy efficient home appliances.  Reinhard Zinkman of ZVEI commented: “Until 2011 A was best in class. In 2012 more than 50% of appliances sold in Europe were A++/A+++.  And IFA saw the launch of A+++ -50% (or 50% more energy efficient than A+++) washing machines. Sustainability was also showcased by refrigeration that could preserve food for up to five times longer, reducing waste. Home appliances have also seen new technical possibilities and spin-offs from other sectors, such as digital connectivity, creating smart appliances.

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So take a look at the household appliances, from IFA set to influence sales in the UK market.