Blum employee passes degree in Kitchen Design

07 Aug, 17

Thomas Winfield, who was sponsored by Blum UK, has completed the Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design at Bucks New University.

An employee at Blum UK who was sponsored by the company, Thomas Winffield, has completed the Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design at Bucks New University with merit.

The course consisted of “blended-learning” online tutorials, bi-weekly Skype discussions and three residential weekends a year, with students expected to study approximately 15 hours a week from September to June.

Thomas Winfield commented: “I really enjoyed the course, and being exposed to the many different sides of design thinking. One lecture which really stood out was by Andreas Fabian, where he led an interpretation of design using the shapes and parts of spoons! I also enjoyed a project management scheme, which included a trip to the ROundhouse factory, following a kitchen from initial concept to the end installation.”

He continued: “One of our most challenging projects was to design the kitchen area for a Maggie Centre, in Dundee, designed by Frank Gehry but it was great to be using our skills in a real-life situation.”

Winfield concluded: “This course is going to be very useful in my role as Test Drive co-ordinator for our Test Drive kitchen at Blum in Milton Keynes, where retailers and consumers can bring their plans, and we create their kitchen using life-sized kitchen units, and then give advice about any changes they may find necessary.”

The Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design at Bucks New University is open for applications for the 2017/18 year