Formica previewed worktop decors at KBB

18 Mar, 16

European category marketing manager Becky Jones said the show was “a postive sign”

K&B News: Why are you here at KBB Birmingham?

Becky Jones (BJ): The story of our stand is to preview to preview our new Axiom by Formica range of worktops and splash backs. We have had a really great show so far with really positive feedback. Because it’s just a preview for us, it’s really important to get the industry to have a look at what we have done and ratify all of the work that has gone into it. Somebody told me this morning that they had gone away [from the stand] and said that they couldn’t decide what they wanted because they wanted it all. That’s really positive.

K&B News: Which of your new products has received the most attention?

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BJ: Our new Platinum range of sparkle work tops has raised a lot of interest, as have some of the new woods, so it has been everything really. We have introduced into our splashback range a chalkboard splashback and I think everybody sees the fun element of that and it has been really well received.

K&B News: Who has visited your stand?

BJ: It has mainly been retailers and kitchen studio owners and for us that is really important because we sell via distribution so we don’t really have that day-to-day contact with them. It is good to speak to them directly and it’s their opportunity to ask questions and give us feedback.

K&B News: What have you thought of KBB 2016?

BJ: It has been really busy. It’s been great to see such a vibrant show, and being centrally located, we have really captured that. Every day we have broken records in terms of the number of people we have spoken to, so it has been brilliant. The quality of the manufacturers that are showing, their stand designs and the size and scale of the investment that they have put into the show, is a really positive sign for the industry going forward.