Franke teams with GBBO to support Marie Curie

17 Apr, 15

Great British Bake Off finalist, Luis Troyano to provide recipes

Great British Bake Off finalist, Luis Troyano, is working with Franke to support its More in Store retailer during the annual week-long even Marie Curie ‘Blooming Great Tea Party’ from June 20-29.

Luis Troyano has created a breakfast muffin recipe exclusively for More in Store retailers, with the muffins provided by Franke free of charge, for their ‘Blooming Great Tea Party’ showroom events.

As an added bonus for the top fundraising showroom, this year, Troyano will host a baking masterclass at its premises, giving the winning retailer the opportunity to generate customer interest and local publicity.

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He will demonstrate recipes from his upcoming book Bake it Great, due out in August, share tips and answer questions.

It follows the event last year, when the company tied up with GBBO winner Frances Quinn, and the Franke More in Store retailers raised £4,000.