Future Hunter-Gatherer wins Electrolux Design Lab

13 Nov, 14

Educational grocery shopping is inspired by nature

Electrolux has announced  the winner of its Design Lab 2014 competition is the Future Hunter-Gatherer educational grocery shopping experience concept, designed by Pan Wang from China. 

The concept projects a hologram that lets the user play a game to gather food by hunting or gathering from nature. The information is transmitted to the local grocery store or market, who then delivers the food to the users’ door. 

Lars Erikson, senior vice president design at Electrolux and head of jury: “In an educational, honest and playful way, this concept addresses issues of ecology and consumer awareness related to the food supply chain in an urban society.”

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Pan Wang said: “I find that there is a lack of connection between people and food sources, as buying food from super markets is so easy, people have lost knowledge of where the ingredients actually come from. I was inspired by the traditional way people collected food, the hunter-gatherer period. By simulating nature, bringing an element of gamification into food preparation and connecting this with the food suppliers, learning about food and buying groceries becomes a fun and educational activity for the whole family.”

  • Second prize went to Lotus, by Fulden Dehnelo from Turkey, a portable product used to purify, deodorise or humidify air.
  • Third prize went to UrbanCONE by Michal Pospiech from Poland. UrbanCONE is a concept for creating healthy microclimates in urban areas. 
  • The People’s Choice Award went to HERO by Fiorella Rios. The gamified air purification concept received 6,000 public votes on the Design Lab website.