HiB introduces training academy

Focus on providing apprenticeship opportunities and qualifications.

12 Oct, 20

Mirrors, mirrored cabinets, furniture and lighting manufacturer HiB has introduced the HiB Academy for new and existing employees.

HiB introduces training academy


The aim of the academy is to focus on providing apprenticeship opportunities and qualifications.

Among the first recruits to take part in the programme are apprentices and existing staff members from the warehouse department, who are taking a 12-month HABC-recognised qualification in Supply Chain Warehousing .

HiB hopes, as the training progresses, more apprentices and courses can be offered to other departments across the company.

Customer and employee experience director at HiB Emma Cuggy said: “As a company we are committed to providing all our staff with the tools they need to succeed in their careers.

“The HiB Academy is a fantastic opportunity to offer training and development courses to our steam across our London head office and Tamworth distribution site, empowering them with the skills to achieve their goals.

“We want the HiB Academy to be a centre for growth, learning and achievement for all.

“Those joining the Academy will be following a structured programme to help them develop the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to thrive at HiB for years to come.”

Managing director at HiB Robert Ginsberg added: “As a leading supplier of innovative bathroom products, it is important that we not only lead the way in terms of product design and customer services, but also in staff development and training opportunities.

“By launching the HiB Academy we are offering new recruits and existing employees the opportunity to learn new skills that not only benefit their progression and success in their role, but also the industry on the whole, allowing us to care for our community and achieve together, which are just some of our core values.

“The Academy is a very positive step forward by trying a different kind of recruitment drive and I look forward to seeing how it grows and expands in the future.”