Hoernisch: Grey and texture top kitchen trends

17 Mar, 14

Design director of Europe for the Formica Group, Eva Hoernisch commented on future kitchen trends at kbbBirmingham

Design director of Europe for the Formica Group, Eva Hoernisch said grey and texture will continue to drive kitchen trends, following the fashion and automotive markets.

Although grey has become a story in kitchen furniture, Hoernisch believes, going forwards, the palette will change slightly towards a colder tone.

She comments: “We’ve seen a lot of greys in the last few years but they were usually more on the beige side but now there is a more masculine grey which is a tone of blue.”

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Hoernisch also believes the trend for texture will continue and be reflected in the kitchen through the use of high gloss, through to matt or even embossed patterns. Although texture will be used on kitchen cabinets, she believes it also continues to play an important role in worksurface design.

Hoernisch pointed out: “When you speak about worktops, you usually speak about stone imitations or timber imitation and when it comes to these our goal is to mimic nature as well as possible. It’s got to feel like the natural thing.”

However she believes it is also important to offer consumers’ freedom of choice, adding: “There is not one lifestyle, there are many lifestyles…and everybody has their own style.”