Hoover: All appliances connected by 2017

29 Jun, 15

Launch of six-strong Wizard range featuring built-in and freestanding models

Following the preview of its Wizard Wi-Fi connected family of appliances at the CIH showcase, Hoover officially launched the six-strong range at The Saatchi Gallery in London and stated all of its appliances with be “100% connected by 2017”.

The Wizard family of built-in and freestanding appliances allow users to control their appliances from one smartphone app and spans a 13kg washing machine, fridge freezer,dishwasher, oven, hob and hood.

The app includes a Programme Wizard to help pick the best washing machine, dishwasher or cooking programme, plus a Playlist and Dynamic Chef to save up to 10 programmes across washing appliances and five cooking functions, respectively.

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In addition, the app also boasts functions which allows remote use, such as air cleaning or switching on the hood light for security, reactiving the fridge following a holiday or fast freeze.

According to the results of a survey commissed by Hoover, the Household Report, around 85% of Brits own a smartphone with 40% interested in operating their appliances remotely by WiFi.

In addition, 1 in 5 respondents to the survey said they would be encouraged to do more chores if their appliances had WiFi, and for women this statistic rose to almost a quarter.

Speaking at the Wizard launch managing director of the Hoover Candy Group David Meyerowitz reported since 84% of homes in the UK now have Internet, it is time to “take the smart kitchen from dream to reality.”

Hoover has already looked at adding to the operations of Wizard, with the likes of voice activation and Hoover service built-in – claiming  this will mean that Hoover will know of any issues with the products even before the consumer does.