IPG celebrates double digit growth

Independent plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists have achieved a combined turnover of £400million

31 Aug, 18

Buying group, the IPG is celebrating double digit growth, year-on-year, with a combined annual turnover of more than £400million.

IPG buying group celebrates double digit growthBoasting independent plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists members, the IPG offers improved access to purchasing terms from manufacturers and distributors.

In addition, it provides marketing and business services and aims to improve the position of the independent using the skills and expertise within the group.

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It has a dedicated portal which offers sales statistics and access to its supplier director, with details of rebates, discounts and special offers.

Based in Littlehampton, in West Sussex, the IPG was founded in 2013, works with 80 brands, and already has more than 200 trading locations as members.

One of its members Ergonomic Design has recently opened a bathroom showroom in Oundle, Peterborough and it has been joined by Canterbury Plumbing Supplies, which has also opened a bathroom studio in Eltham, London.

Managing director of Ergonomic Design John Hunter commented: “The IPG’s buying power and marketing support has already helped us grow since we joined, as evidence by our new store!

“We’ve already started to see great interest from both industry professionals and the public.”

Managing director of the IPG Robin Beal commented: “Independent businesses are continuing to shine, and The IPG members are no exception.

“Our members are becoming more prominent and successful in their local areas, as tradespeople and the public alike recognise their expert knowledge, excellent customer service and many other benefits they receive from choosing an independent over a national chain.

“The number of new stores, acquisitions and recruitment going ahead over our members is really promising to see.”

The IPG is one of the buying groups who are targeting the independent bathroom showroom, such as the Der Kreis-owned KBBG.