Kitchen and bathroom sales strengthen in 2014

04 Nov, 13

MTW Research uncovers rising retail sales, nearing £1billion

Retail sales of kitchens and bathrooms is set to strengthen, nearing £1billion in the next 12 months, according to a report on the distributors market from MTW Research.

Based on financial data from 90% of UK distributors, the research uncovered rising sales across most kitchen, shower and bathroom markets in late 2013 with growing optimism from independent retailers.

In addition, according to MTW, the contract market is growing sales in late 2013 with housebuilding activity underpinning volume growth.

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However the research also uncovered 60% of distributors experiencing declining sales in the last 12 months. Although it showed the industry is recovering with 20% of distributors reporting 10% growth or more.

Since its last review, MTW found around 20 distributors have exited the bathroom and kitchen market, having closed or moved into direct sales online.