Liebherr boasts largest number of Quiet Mark certified refrigeration

German manufacturer Liebherr has the largest number of refrigeration appliances on the market now certified by Quiet Mark.

18 May, 23

German manufacturer Liebherr now claims to have the largest number of refrigeration appliances on the market certified by Quiet Mark.

Liebherr boasts largest number of Quiet Mark refrigerators

Spanning freestanding larder refrigeration, larder freezers, fridge freezers and built-in freezers, 27 models have been awarded the Quiet Mark.

According to a QuietMark survey, over half of Brits (57%) would like their home to be quieter, with a further 62% drawn towards quieter appliances.

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Liebherr’s engineers and developers subject all appliances to testing, in sound measuring rooms, with the data used to reduce the sound output.

Featuring speed-controlled compressors (operating between 1,000 and 1,600 rpm rather than the conventional 3,000rpm) and speed-controlled fans, which perform on the lowest level, means the refrigeration causes less noise.

In addition, R600a Coolant which achieves the same temperature as previous coolants but at a lower pressure, also helps minimise noise.

This BluPerformance technology is integrated into the appliance plinth, so doesn’t impacting on space in the appliance.

Divisional manager at Liebherr Tim Hutchinson commented: “At Liebherr our mission is to make everyday life easier with a product portfolio that not only leads the industry but also reacts to demand in the market.

Whilst sound is invisible, it is not overlooked by any means. The perception of sound by people has changed and many are now much more sensitive to noise.

It is this shift in consumer behaviour that has shown us that sound is top of the agenda when shopping for appliances, alongside smart technology, financial savings and environmental impact.

“The transition in the ways in which we live and work following the COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that the noise output from compressors needed to be significantly reduced to allow for this new way of living.

“Through our dedicated research and development, we’re proud to be leading the industry in silent innovation and it is something we are continuously investing in to make our appliances as quiet as possible.”