Mereway Kitchens interviewed on TV

27 Jan, 14

Sales and marketing director Graham Jones says low interest rates have been advantageous to firm

Mereway Kitchens has made its TV debut, having been featured on ITV, as part of a news story about the improving local economy.

It was in response to the Bank of England which announced interest rates were to remain at 0.5% for the immediate future.

Sales and marketing director at Mereway Kitchens, Graham Jones spoke to economics editor Richard Edgar, saying the low rates have been to the company’s advantage.

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He said it kept homeowners borrowing at cheap rates, encouraging them to spend money on improving their homes.

A Mereway Kitchens customer also featured in the news item, who had bought a kitchen through independent retailer Classic Kitchens in Redditch, agreed he was able to borrow to invest in his home due to low rates.

Mereway Kitchens is a family-owned company based in the Midlands and manufacturers the brands Cucina Colore, Complete Kitchen Collection, and the recently revamped English Revival, which includes the Modern Classic range.