Neff launches National B.I.Y. Day

31 Jul, 13

Neighbourhood bakers encouraged

After 2012’s launch of the Bake it Yourself (B.I.Y) consumer campaign, Neff has announced the inaugural National B.I.Y. Day on August 26, 2013.

After building an online presence of over 400,000 people, Neff has striven to bring back a sense of community by encouraging people to bake for their neighbours. This comes after a B.I.Y. survey which stated that 90% of people would be surprised if their neighbour baked for them.

Sales director for Neff Mike Jarrett said: “What has come through strongly is that although we speak with our neighbours regularly, the classic traits such as keeping a spare key, borrowing sugar or baking an extra batch for the neighbours is slowly dying out. The Neff B.I.Y. National day will be the perfect excuse to take a simple step towards knowing your neighbours better and having a great time too”. 

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