Neil Lerner Kitchens closure blamed on Brexit

Retailer ceases trading after 30 years

26 Apr, 19

Retailer Neil Lerner Kitchens has ceased trading, citing an unexpected and severe downturn in business due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Neil Lerner administration blamed on Brexit

Established for 30 years, the London-based business was located on Finchley Road, serving architects, interior designers and builders, as well as end-consumers.

It has passed all outstanding kitchen projects on to another retailer to complete outstanding orders.

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Owner of Neil Lerner Kitchens, Neil Lerner stated: “It is with regret that I have to announce Neil Lerner Kitchens has ceased trading.

“This has been caused by an unexpected and severe downturn in sales, due to the uncertainty surrounding the economy and Brexit.”

He continued: “Nevertheless, we have done our utmost to honour all existing orders through arrangements made with another kitchen retailer who will supply and install the kitchens to the exact specification agreed and promised.”

Neil Lerner concluded: “After 30 years of building a successful family business, during which we have supplied literally thousands of customers, and established excellent relations with all our suppliers, it is obviously extremely upsetting for me and all my loyal staff that Neil Lerner Kitchens has reached the end of the line.”

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