Nolte invests in BK Nolte Contracts

01 Oct, 14

Investing in UK contract market

German kitchen furniture manufacturer Nolte has acquired a 25% share of Wrexham-based contract kitchen company BK Nolte Contracts (BKNC), owned by managing director Bob Ruler, in a multi-million pound deal.

BKNC started trading in 2009 and covers projects from small housing schemes to multi-million pound developments and with the partnership is in the early stages of securing a showroom in London, which is set to open towards the end of 2015. It will be used to showcase designs and finishes from Nolte to London-based housing developers, architects and retail customers.

Ruler, who maintains the majority shareholding commented: “I am delighted that Nolte has invested in the company. Everyone at BKNC has worked extremely hard to turn the company into the success story it is today and we are enormously proud that Nolte has recognised this.”

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He continued: “The substantial investment, together with the brand new product lines from Nolte, will enable us to be even more proactive in the contract market. Nolte’s new product ranges ensure we are able to meet every price point – be it entry, mid or top level – we cater for the full spectrum.”

UK country manager for Nolte, Richard Pedgrift said: “From Nolte’s perspective, the further development of our partnership with BKNC, together with the ever improving UK economy, creates the perfect environment for investment. We see the two companies combined efforts taking us to an even stronger position within the contract market over the coming years.”

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