Online retailers fail to supply correct energy information

10 Jul, 14

Over 60% of energy-using products online had missing or incorrect EU energy label

Retailers are failing a legal responsibility to provide energy information to shoppers looking for domestic appliances, according to the first findings from the MarketWatch survey.

The survey of 111 online retailers and 114 high street shops in 11 countries, in late 2013 and early 2014, found an average 62% of online energy-using products had missing or incorrect EU energy label information. The most common problem was information shown in the wrong order, risking consumer misunderstanding.

High street retailers fared better with an average of 12% percent of energy-using products with missing labels and a further 11% having incorrect labels. According to MarketWatch, it is an improvement on findings from other studies in recent years.

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Out of all the energy-using products, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines were most likely to be labeled correctly.

Marketwatch recently revealed 25% of ovens were incorrectly labelled by the manufacturer.

MarketWatch is working with retailers and will check up on their performance, as well as pass on its findings to national authorities empowered to take legal action under the Energy Labelling Directive. It will extend its survey to other retailers in two further survey rounds.