Original Style names Tile of 2020

Deco Tayberry is a progression from the Millennial Pink trend

11 Sep, 19

For the third consecutive year, Original Style has revealed its Tile of the Year in partnership with interior designers 2LG Studio.

Original Style names Tile of 2020


Deco Tayberry, part of the company’s Winchester Collection,  is the tile for 2020 and has been designed in-house at Original Style’s Exeter premises.

It has been featured in a 2LG Studio-designed bathroom space.

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Original Style names Tile of 2020 1


Speaking about the tile, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio said it is a progression of the trend for Millennial Pink.

They said: “As interior deisgners, we approach our projects with one eye on the past and the other on the future. Deco Tayberry is the perfect representation of this motto.

“Square in format and with an arch motif, this gorgeous tile is a contemporary twist on classic tiling.

“Moving forward from the current ‘Millennial Pink’, the Tile of the Year’s blush and berry tones provide a softer approach, embracing the new heritage trend.”

New products and design manager of Original Style Jane Addis explained how the tile was designed to meet this movement: “Its heritage pink glaze encourages the embrace of colour which , when paired with its Deco patterns inspired by the luxury and modernity of Art Deco design; provides a dramatic yet sophisticated edge.”