EXCLUSIVE: Retailers complacent about smaller sales

16 Sep, 15

Missing a trick with replacement sales is embarrassing, Alison Booth takes a swipe at retailers

Bathroom retailers have become too complacent when it comes to smaller value sales such as replacements, blasted commercial and export director of Silverdale Bathrooms Alison Booth.

She insisted: “We’ve had a few cases where we’ve sent people [customers] to retailers, knowing what they want – almost down to the code level – and they’ve not been interested because the price [of the sale] wasn’t good enough.”

However she points out these replacement sales were not insubstantial, (such as a replacement toilet, or seat and pan), citing retailers “could make a few hundred quid”.

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Booth reported the customers were then sent to other retailers in the network but questioned the “very strange” attitude of some dealers to not making a replacement sale, querying “whether they are being too greedy or are [just] not happy with the terms.”

She said exasperatedly: “It has just left us gasping, quite frankly”, and explained the embarrasment for the company when a customer contacts them, to be directed to a retailer, then only to be informed they won’t deal with the sale.