Rotpunkt achieves “very satisfactory” result

German kitchen manufacturer Rotpunkt has achieved a turnover of €100m, for the second year running, according to its 2023 year-end report.

20 Feb, 24

German kitchen manufacturer Rotpunkt has achieved a turnover of €100m, for the second year running, according to its 2023 year end report.

Rotpunkt achieves “consistently healthy” turnover

Rotpunkt’s  turnover has grown over the last 5-10 years, seeing an increase of over €35m when compared to €65m in 2018.

Managing partners at Rotpunkt Kuchen Andreas Wagner and Heinz-Jürgen Meyer commented: “In view of the extremely difficult market conditions that followed the enhanced demand of Covid-19, this is a very satisfactory result.”

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Sven Herden, managing director of sales & marketing added: “Of course we would like to achieve more growth in turnover but, given the widely reported economic downturn and inflation, I feel these results are realistic for the beginning of the year.”

According to the company, UK sales have been achieved through value rather than volume

The continued rise in materials and energy prices continued to challenge the company’s business operations in 2023.

However, Rotpunkt reports it limited the amplified costs with price adjustments and continued investment in a new warehousing & Logistics building, machinery, vehicle fleet and  digitalisation of production and business processes.

Rotpunkt states France was its biggest growth area, bolstered developments in Austria and Switzerland.

Whereas the UK, which has been faced with high inflation rates, when compared to the rest of Europe, slowed the level of growth in the UK.

In response, Rotpunkt will invest in its sales and development team, including the appointment of experienced sales professional John McWhinnie.

In addition, Rotpunkt will exhibit at trade shows across Europe, including kbb Birmingham from March 3-6, 2024.

Collectively, the senior management team said: “The market is tough right now and in the short term, forecasts show this financial year won’t get any easier.

“However, we can still offer a positive outlook as 2024 has just begun and currently, there is a good build-up of orders, so we are confident over the coming months.”

Sven Herden added: “At the moment, it is important to maintain Rotpunkt’s good economic position, strengthen existing partnerships and take a closer look at choice suppliers and new business connections.

“However, risk assessments of this kind are not exclusive to Rotpunkt, and retailers are also looking closely at who they can rely on.”