Sara Wells on kbb visitors: “Diverse mix of people”

17 Mar, 14

Spanish kitchen furniture manufacturer Doca UK applauded kbb for delivering a diverse audience

Sara Wells of  Spanish kitchen furniture manufacturer Doca UK recognised kbbBirmingham delivered a wide audience of visitors, spanning refurbishment and new build markets, as this was the picture on the company’s stand.

Speaking about the visitors to the Doca stand, Wells commented: “We’ve had dealers from all different regions of the UK, some lovely trade professionals and high profile builders, designers and developers. So we’ve had a nice, diverse mix of people having a look at us.”

Doca recently launched into the UK, opening a showroom in London in July 2012. The company, which is establishing its brand in the country, was using kbbBirmingham for exposure to retailers and the trade and to present its latest products, which included Slim, Terraza and a stone-effect porcelain range.

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