stoneCIRCLE expands premises

22 Oct, 13

Stonemason adds factory, workshop, offices and storage

Planning permission has been granted for StoneCIRCLE premises,which will see a factory built behind the existing one and includes a workshop, offices of 2,000sqm and a storage area. Manufacturer of stone for residential and commerical projects, StoneCIRCLE has been in business since 1968 and been on its present site for 28 years. 

The additional building will allow the company to install the next generation of CNC machines and will have an enlarged yard to allow for more stone storage and provide space for delivery lorries to manoeuvre, which is difficult at its present premises.

Boasting green credentials, the premises will collect and reuse rainwater, plus solar panels will be installed on the roof, and work on the site is expected to be complete by September 2014.

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StoneCIRCLE expects to employ six additional members of staff to work on the machines and in the yard, bringing the total number of employees to 48.

Steve Vanhinsbergh, one of the brothers who run the company, commented: “I’m delighted that we have been given permission to build our new workshop. It means that we will have the space we need to continue to grow the company.”