Triton warns of sub-standard accessories risk

Educational campaign focuses on danger of specifying incorrect and poor shower heads and hoses

13 Jul, 18

Shower manufacturer Triton has launched an initiative to draw attention to the safety of shower accessories and the dangers of installing incompatible, poor quality and non-compliant products.

The campaign focuses on the risks of connecting sub-standard hoses and spray heads to showers.

It also highlights how incorrect pairing of accessories can lead to operational issues and even pose a threat to the user’s wellbeing.

Triton is reminding bathroom professionals and their customers not all spray heads are suitable for electric showers, they can have an adverse effect on performance, and lead to the provision of extremely hot water.

Triton highlights risks of sub-standard shower accessories

Triton’s 1.75m Anti-Twist hose

In addition, Triton warns of the problems of low quality shower heads and hoses which can become twisted or kinked during use.

This restricts water flow and can create unwanted back pressure in an electric shower, as well as a build-up of hot water in the shower.

Senior technical manager for Triton Steve Saunders commented: “Compliance with quality standards is a huge issue for the bathroom industry and is an on-going theme which needs constant attention if people are to be adequately protected in their own homes.

“All too often we hear how cheap imports and badly-produced products are being sold at low price points in the UK. Understandably, discounted accessories are an attractive proposition for anyone looking for a quick update but there do not always equal safe solutions.

“Just because a product is available to buy in this country doesn’t mean it is compliant with the necessary British and European safety standards. As a result, Triton has chosen to raise the awareness of the importance of buying and fitting only shower accessories which have been designed and tested with the user’s safety in mind.

“Over the coming months, Triton will therefore be offering advice and information on this subject, including point of sales material to showing the effects on sub-standard hoses and shower heads.”

It follows a call by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) for the industry to better protect consumers against cheap products.

Chief executive of the BMA Yvonne Orgill said: “There has never been a better time to improve awareness among consumers not just of the importance of sourcing compliant ‘fit for purpose’ products but also to rid our industry of non-compliant operators.

“This campaign will have an important part to play in educating consumers and ensuring that those who adhere to the highest standards are easily identified so that they can be a natural choice for consumers.”