Triton backs safety alert for start/stop showerhead with electric models

Shower manufacturer Triton Showers has supported the call for third party suppliers of start/stop-button showerheads to provide clear warnings about their use with instantaneous electric showers.

16 Feb, 24

Shower manufacturer Triton Showers has supported the call for third party suppliers of start/stop-button showerheads to provide clear warnings about their use with electric showers.

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It follows a recent safety alert, issued by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA), which outlined the possibility of scalding if these showerheads are used with electric showers, which account for almost half of the UK’s showers.

Electric showers draw on cold water mains to heat water on demand but using a showerhead with a start/stop-button feature restricts the water flow at the outlet, without deactivating the heating elements.

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It can cause water within the appliance to quickly overheat to temperatures as high as 80°C

Once the shower is then resumed, there is risk of scalding water being released at a high pressure.

Triton has reiterated the BMA’s concern not all suppliers of start/stop-button showerheads are supplying clear warnings about their use with electric showers at point of sale and in product instructions.

Managing director at Triton Showers David Tutton said: “As trends across social media and online marketplaces are driving a surge in demand for showerheads featuring a start/stop button, it’s essential that users are aware of the potentially severe safety hazards that could occur when used with instantaneous electric showers.

“When operating normally, and with manufacturer-supplied showerheads, instantaneous electric showers have multiple safety devices to ensure safe operation, yet these features are not able to effectively run when used with start/stop-button showerheads.

“We are pleased to see the BMA actively collaborating with Trading Standards authorities to address the lack of proper labelling and warnings to ensure both consumer safety and awareness of the consequences of incorrectly installing this type of showerhead.”

Triton supports the BMA’s recommendation for consumers to exercise caution and prioritise safety when purchasing and installing third party bathroom accessories and avoid using start/stop-button showerheads on electric showers.

If consumers are uncertain around their shower type or compatible accessories, Triton advises consulting their shower manufacturer’s website.

Consumers have been advised to purchase certified accessories that conform to Regulation 4 of the Water Supply (Water Fitting) Regulations 1999 and Electrical Safety Standards EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-2-35 for instantaneous electric showers.