TrustMark supports campaign to control energy use

23 Oct, 14

Helping UK householders take control of rising energy bills

TrustMark has lent its support to a campaign, which will help UK households take control of their energy use and therefore better control rising bills. 

The Big Energy Vision will be focused upon “use less, waste less and pay less” and the campaign will explain how householders can reduce energy use and bills, including energy-saving home improvements and maintenance jobs by professional tradespeople. Pictured is a mock-up of how the communication could take place.

TrustMark will promote the Big Energy Vision to its 14,500 registered firms, including kitchen and bathroom installers and most recently Dulux Interior Designers, alongside Scheme Operators that bring those firms into TrustMark, and homeowners searching for reputable tradespeople.

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Alongside TrustMark, companies and associations already committed to The Big Energy Vision includes Kingfisher, John Lewis, Home Retail Group, Energy Saving Trust and the UK Green Building Council.  It is being coordinated by not-for-profit organisations Forum for the Future and Behaviour Change.

Chairman of TrustMark, Liz Male,said: “We want to see homeowners feeling confident, positive and protected in taking control of their energy efficiency. We also want to see a larger,stronger and more stable market for the thousands of skilled firms and tradespeople within TrustMark who are ready and waiting to provide homeowners with energy-saving home RMI (repair, maintenance and improvement) work, but who are frustrated by the misinformation, mixed messages and dysfunctional way that this market operates at present.

“While energy control is not just about home improvements, we saw an immediate opportunity for TrustMark, its Scheme Operators, registered firms and consumer protection partners to be part of the solution – signposting people to reputable tradespeople who could help them implement a very wide range of energy saving measures in their homes, and allowing TrustMark-registered firms to promote the Big Energy Vision to provide added value and advice to their customers.

“TrustMark is committed to supporting this initiative to help homeowners take control of their energy, to use less, waste less and pay less. Our aim is to see a national upsurge in energy-saving, fuel-bill-slashing, high quality home improvement and repair projects carried out all over the country by confident consumers using their local reputable TrustMark-registered tradespeople.”